Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Style with PAOM !

Exciting news ahead...
As of today,  some of the prints you've seen featured on the blog are available to buy on a range of sportswear garments from Print All Over Me!!
More items will be added throughout the year, but here are a few items that are currently available and a link to the shop.

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Monday, 27 June 2016

Strength with Janine George!


Thanks for all your positive feedback on the last few posts! It’s been really encouraging to hear how your own fitness and health journeys are going!

Today we have another Strength interview with a fantastic Personal Trainer, 1st Fitness Universe Ms Bikini Britain, 1st Pure Elite Bikini Babe Tall and Model, Janine George.

Check out our interview below as I ask her about competitions, post-workout snacks and everything in between!

1. Was becoming a personal trainer a natural point to arrive at in your life? Have you always enjoyed exercise and sports?

I wouldn't say that working in the fitness industry was my first choice, although I enjoyed working out. I was more interested in fashion when I was younger. It was during the time that I had a PT train me, that I thought it would be very useful for me to learn more about personal training. As a child I was very active; I took part in swimming, athletics, gymnastics and undertook many training activities as an air cadet. In hindsight I realise that the desire for fitness has always been there. I enjoy training it’s like therapy and with that I aim for everyone I teach to find the fun and results in every programme . 

2. How have you taken your love of training and fitness to world stage? Can you tell us about any competitions that you have been involved with?

I decided to take part in a bikini competition to boost my training and have something big to aim for. I competed with Fitness Universe in London and in Las Vegas and Pure Elite in the UK. It took me a year to mentally prepare for these shows, yet during that time I trained as though my registration had been sent and I was due to compete. I took on the attitude of a competitor. I played around with food, supplements and stuck to a programme for 12 weeks to see how my body would adapt. I researched as much as I could on other competitors and the processes they went through, I visited fitness shows and attended some bikini camps. 

3. Do you teach any classes? What are they and how did it feel teaching your first one in comparison to the level you are currently at?

Yes, Battlebells, MetCon, Hardcore, Gains, Ripped & Stripped, Badass, Thigh High, HiiT The Deck, Meta Burn, Legs-Glutes-Abs and Ultra Shock Circuit.
The classes I teach are equally enjoyable, especially as my confidence has increased the more that I teach.

4. Is there any class you currently don't run but would love to in the future?

Maybe spin, I’ve never been too fond of it but I am willing to step out of my comfort zone

5. If you could workout for a day in another part of the world, where would you go?

I have to visit Venice beach in America, that would be epic!

6. Can you describe an average day in the life of a PT? What challenges can you face that you may not have anticipated when you were training?

When you run your own business managing everything is tough. On top of that your diary is constantly changing. You also have to maintain your own level of fitness to stay on top, oh and try to get a good nights rest ;-)

7. Do you have a favourite piece of workout gear that makes you feel great? What is it and why?

Currently, my elasticated, cropped Reebok leggings; with just enough room in the crutch and glutes to give me the flexibility I need when training 

8. Your slogan is 'Strength is Beauty', can you explain what this means to you day to day and for your clients?

It births confidence. Strength doesn’t necessarily mean that you go around lifting and throwing everything as a test of your power, but sometimes its discipline that is required. To be able to stay committed to a given task; enduring to the end. If you have the patience to go through the stages of your training - foundation, loading and performance, then you have a greater sense of achievement at the end and as a result you feel empowered. 

It is an affirmation. For many years I used to think that I couldn’t embrace my strength, especially as a female. I felt like it had to be tamed; I craved testing my fitness levels and improving my physique. As I grew up I realised it's nothing to be embarrassed about, if anything you are inspiring others to work hard too. If you get your mind strong your body will follow suit. 

To love who you are and your unique self, is your strength, and that is beautiful.

9. Do you have any exciting plans for the near future? Are you training for any particular goals at the moment?

 I would eventually like to compete again and set another goal. Right now I am just enjoying my day to day, but I definitely feel the desire coming very soon

10. Your favourite post workout snack!

Something with protein or peanut butter is my usual go to. I usually have a couple of Bounce balls in my gym bag for an instant fix.

If you're wanting to follow the rest of Janine's amazing fitness journey, you can find her here on Instagram !



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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Style with Co-Ge!


This is just a short post showing you all some visualisations from my final project! As a textile designer, we don't actually get to make the garments we envisage our prints with, so draping is a great way to visualise the outcomes. Draping involves placing the design we've created into a realistic context, through a photo, to see how the aesthetics will look.

Here are a few of my favourite ones from this project!

Photo Credits: Fabletics, Google Images (photos are not my own)

Let me know what you think!



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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Strength with Tanya Morgan!


As mentioned previously, the Strength section of the blog will be featuring fitness related content and inspiration. I'm really excited to introduce you to the first interview, with Personal Trainer Tanya Morgan! I caught up with her recently to get the goss on her fitness motivations, future goals and even her favourite post-work out snacks!

Check out our conversation below!

1. Where did your love of fitness first stem from? When did the moment of realisation hit, that you wanted to pursue personal training?

I would never have considered myself as being a sporty kid, but that is really only in comparison to my family that were all extremely sporty. My sister Jess was always athletic and played football for Leyton Orient, my brother Jack was a diver and competed for London, my twin brother Jamie was good at all sports and became a personal trainer straight from school. I wasn't the kid that hated PE but I definitely didn't love it either. I was a girly girl and as much as I was active I didn't find the kind of training I liked until I started kickboxing when I was about 12 and absolutely loved it. It gave me such confidence!I kept it up until I was going into sixth form just before I was 16. I stopped training all together and started to work on the weekends and didn't even really think about doing any exercise for a few years. My twin brother would get me to go and see him at the gym and would train me but it was always something I really would try to get out of. It was such a chore but I went because I wanted to be happier with how I looked. I don't really know exactly when the moment was, but something just clicked. It went way beyond the physical goal of just looking good and it meant so much more to me - going to the gym had become my number one priority. I really didn't want to ever lose interest or for training to be just a phase for me. I wanted to make a commitment to my new lifestyle and to learn everything I could about the body and different types of training.

Becoming a personal trainer was me saying to myself  'You are not backing out on this!'

2. Can you tell us about your favourite fitness experience to date?

Teaching Spin at The Third Space was my first teaching job and I am still there now. I remember being so nervous. It didn't feel like it had been that long since I was the new person at the back of the class and somehow fast forward less than a year and I was teaching at one of the best gyms in London!

My absolute highlight so far would have to be teaching for Sweaty Betty on Venice Beach in LA!

3. Do you teach any classes? If so, what are they and how is the experience of training multiple bodies at once?

I teach TRX, Kettlebells, Spin, Hiit Training, and I also teach boxing. Teaching is unlike any other feeling I have ever had before. The endorphins of doing a class yourself, plus the buzz of teaching just makes it such an amazing feeling. To have such great feedback from people and for everybody to be working so hard towards there goal and for you to be part of that is amazing.

4. Do you have any stories of a drastic change in the health and mindset of someone you trained? How does it make you feel?

Making other people feel good makes me feel good. Motivating others pushes me to keep going too. I am inspired by the people I work with every single day.
I have seen my clients and people that come to my class grow in confidence which is such a beautiful thing to see. Life really can be rough sometimes and to see people that are choosing to do something good for themselves even when it is not always easy really makes me so proud. I have seen people transform their whole mental state and when the body and mind start to come together you can do anything.

5. I know sometimes you train your siblings and that you're close. How important is it to have the support of your family in this?

I have always been so lucky to have a family that have believed that I can do anything I set my mind to do. They have backed me up on any and everything I have wanted to do along the way and they have believed in me more than I have believed in myself. Whenever I doubt myself they are right there to keep me going. They really are everything to me.

6. Do you have a favourite fitness/health product at the moment? How has it changed your workout/health journey?

I have been drinking Equinox Kombucha, a healthy drink that gives you energy. I have been drinking it instead of coffee and energy drinks and it really has made a huge difference! Sometimes I have too much caffeine just to get through my day and end up not able to sleep! Equinox Kombucha has helped me cut that out which is so amazing.

(Taken from the Equinox Kombucha Instagram Page)

Also a skincare brand called QMS cosmetics have a cream for people that train called Sport Active. That means that I don't have to wear makeup to the gym; it makes your skin look amazing but it doesn't do it any harm. This is great for those times when you need a little bit of confidence, especially when going to a new gym! It works as an alternative to foundation which is bad for skin when working out.

7. Is there a song that gets you particularly pumped during your workouts?

Probably a bit too pumped! Beast (Southpaw Remix) - Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard ft. Busta Rhymes

8. Any advice to the readers who are embarking on their own fitness journey?

Do it for yourself and don't rely on anybody else to do it with you. You might have to go without somebody to the gym, you might have to eat different things to your whole family or your friends just to stay on track but just concentrate on you and what you need to do for you. If you want it badly enough you can have whatever you want as long as you work hard for it. Throw yourself into it, surround yourself with likeminded people that will inspire you and push you to grow. Step out of your comfort zone, it's where all the best stuff happens.

9. Do you have any exciting plans for the near future? 

I plan on starting my own blog. I started my Instagram about ten months ago and it has grown so quickly. I have had some amazing opportunities because of it and been very lucky so far. I just want to step that up and sometimes I have more to say than a caption on a photograph. I need to step everything up and take it more seriously. It has all happened so fast it and I have been so busy I haven't had the time to put into it, but I will be starting to make it my focus!

10. Your favourite post workout snack!

The Protein Ball company are amazing for on the go protein snacks for before or after a workout -  I always have them in my bag! They have no hidden, bad ingredients in them and they taste amazing.

If you're wanting to follow the rest of Tanya's amazing fitness journey, you can find her here on Instagram !



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